Oratory Club

Oratory Club

In today’s world of tough competition, many people have a phobia for public speaking. We believe that children today are the leaders of tomorrow. We have an Orator’s club to work on communication skills of our students so that they beam with confidence while interacting and in public speaking.


Our Orators Club focuses on egniting the spark for effective public speaking, enhances articulation skills, eloquence in leadership skills and personal development. This is to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge to real life experiences.


Public Speaking

Slokites need to participate in elocution , debates, journaling, these are good ways to keep participants interested. They create excitement, and make the speaker practice using new words. creating short skits or plays are fun language exercises.

We strive for:

  • Better communication and linguistic skills.
  • Clarity of thought
  • Articulate speaking

Public Speaking

Creative writing

Our pupils can show their creativity through magazine writing, writing comic books, biography, diary entry, writing rhymes, poems. which can improve their imagination and interpretation skills.

Our concept is :

  • Unique ideation capabilities.
  • Impeccable grammar
  • Versatile writing

Creative writing

Independent Reading

We encourage our children to ponder on reading where we give them an opportunity to improve their vocabulary through reading theatre, news reporting, speaking games, poetry reading…etc

We condense for:

  • Research inclination.
  • Reading comprehension.
  • Critical analysis.

Independent Reading


Click one of our representatives below to chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to admissions@slokatheschoolmanikonda.ac.in

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